Sarah walker


Do you make these mistakes in copy?

There's a science to persuading via the written word. A conversational tone paired with specific psychological triggers, facts, emotional connection and perfect format can generate hundreds-of-thousands, dare I say MILLIONS of dollars in product sales.

Everyone wants it, but most have no idea how to get it.

It seems easy until you actually sit down and try to do it. Kind of like this website - I thought my brilliant self could figure out how to program and format this beauty all on my own. I was wrong. Very wrong.

I decided to leave the programming to the experts, and concentrate on what I know best.


Hire me to do what I do best. Sell your product or service.

And YOU can get back to golfing, or drinking beer, or building your empire. Whatever you do best, that's where you should focus your energy. (Yes even the beer drinking!)

Contact me to take a load off your shoulders today.


Sarah Walker